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Pretty much everyone I talk to says they would be better at their job if they had more time to think.

Also, when I ask, “What are your biggest time sinks?” the vast majority of people say “email.” But almost no one says that email is the most important thing they do.

The Facebook changes announced last week at the developers conference, and those in the weeks before, have major implications for the way employers use the site to brand themselves and build relationships with potential candidates and future hires.

Recruiters who now use Facebook exclusively or mostly to push out jobs will become even more marginalized by the increasing emphasis the social site is placing on engagement. Those who actively invest in courting their Facebook “fans,” offering content of value, and real conversations, will reap even greater rewards than they do now, earning their brand a place on user’s forthcoming Timelines, and the ability to broaden and measure their reach as visitors “Share” content with their own FB friends.


Interesting stats to consider for HR executives and managers.

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