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We are all in unchartered waters right now--grappling with economic issues in ways that we have never had to before. This economy is testing the mettle of business leaders--from the largest enterprises to the mom and pop shop--and the exceptional ones will rise to the occasion and successfully pull their companies through. What do all of these
With all the anxiety in the marketplace, it's only natural that employees may feel concerned about issues on the home front as well as job security at the office. Yet, with many managers focused on making numbers and closing sales, it's often too easy to overlook their number one asset--the internal team.While unfortunately we can't alleviate
We all know a great team when we see one, and the sustainable, competitive advantage that great teams provide. Being from Boston, two immediate examples come to mind: The Red Sox, who won two World Series Championships in three years after an 86-year drought, and the New England Patriots, who have won three Super Bowls in four years. These
In a time of economic difficulty, when people are getting laid off and national average salaries are on the decline, SurePayroll is bucking the trend. My company, based in suburban Chicago, is quickly becoming one of the most successful Software-as-a-Service companies in the United States, and we're rapidly expanding our workforce and customer
This time of year I find myself writing many lists -- holiday gifts to purchase, greetings cards to send, and New Year's resolutions to strive for. In the same way that we all use lists in our personal lives to maintain relationships, reflect on the past year, and set our course for the upcoming year, we need to do the same thing when it comes to
Tuesday, 09 December 2008

Small Business Compliance |

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Basically, small business compliance involves doing a lot of administrative stuff to please various government agencies. Sure, these rules and regulations provide necessary societal safeguards, but, at the same time, they also take the fun out of being an entrepreneur. They distract you from doing important things, like finding new customers and
Times have gotten tough for small-business owners. By containing your healthcare plan costs, you might help ease some of the economic pressures bearing down on your business. Health insurance can be emotional. After all, we're talking about your health and, in some cases, maybe even your life. If done right, you achieve the results necessary to
It's challenging to keep up morale and motivate staff when the marketplace is filled with uncertainty. Having survived several economic cycles, I've seen the benefits of investing in staff even during the lean times. During those times, I've been able to count on employees to keep my business engine going and as the market opens up, they've been
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