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  • Training Strategically Aligned to Your Business?

    Build Training Momentum with Alpha.
  • Need Learning Programs to be More Consistent?

    Build Training Momentum with Alpha.
  • Wish Your Training Content was More Diverse?

    Build Training Momentum with Alpha.
  • Need Training Focused on Real-World Skills Development?

    Build Training Momentum with Alpha.

Imagine a Training Partner Who Could...

Empower Your Team to Improve

Improve employee performance without the hassles and expense

Help Drive Consistent Programs

Consistent training programs that deliver results while containing costs

Diversify Your Knowledge Base

Outside experts bringing in a variety of topics, media, and sources

Build Business Impact

Develop employee skills to impact the business, not just administer courses

Alpha Momentum Helps You ...

Outline Training And Business Goals

What skills are critical, weak or inconsistent in your organization?

Gauge Employee Knowledge, Satisfaction & Understanding

What skills does your staff have, need or want? (Surveys, testing etc)

Define Employee Skills Critical To Business Success

Which skills are learned ‘on the job’ that could be proactively trained?

Develop A Custom Training Program To Meet Your Needs

We help you with administration, design, and delivery of training programs

Corporate Training that Improves Employee Performance


Corporate Training that Improves
Employee Performance

Build business momentum with Alpha Momentum Business Training services.

  • Momentum Helps You Establish, Build and Define Training Best Practices


  • Momentum Simplifies Corporate Training

    You Us
    Identify overall training needs Create a training program to meet your needs and objectives
    Define business training objectives Create courses & programs for identified skills development
    Match employee candidates with skills development programs Manage course details, curriculum, testing etc.
    Define training schedules (onboarding, annual, quarterly etc.) Provide feedback, assessments, and data on overall effectiveness and individual participation
    Coordinate internal training participation Execute training courses and programs
  • Business


    • Better training programs without the hassles
    • Makes your training programs more consistent while containing costs
    • We help you reach your goals with ideas on a variety of topics, media, and sources
    • Focused on employee skills to impact the business, not just courses
    • We train Microsoft Office, WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT and ACCESS, through the advanced level.
    • QUICKBOOKS, LinkedIn and Facebook for Business
      Instructors include a QuickBooks certified consultant, a local business owner that specializes in Social Media and a 20 year Corporate Microsoft Instructor as our Senior Instructor

Helping Businesses Grow in New England For Over 30 Years

Since 1980, the Alpha Group has provided the finest staffing and training solutions for companies in the North East looking to better manage the recruiting, hiring, and training of temporary and permanent employees. Let us provide you with the local, personalized services you deserve.