The People You Need to Succeed.

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  • Cost Of Hiring Increasing?

    Alpha Gives You Latitude.
  • Healthcare Legislation Creating Uncertainty?

    Alpha Gives You Latitude.
  • Risks of wrongful termination increasing?

    Alpha Gives You Latitude.
  • Business Changing Rapidly?

    Alpha Gives You Latitude.

Wish Your Company Could...

Reduce Hiring Costs

Eliminate the expense, hassles, and risk of hiring.

Gain Expertise in Employment Legislation

Ensure your employment process aligns with national & local employment legislation.

Dramatically Reduce Employment Liability

Limit your business exposure to unemployment, lawsuits etc.

Streamline Your On-boarding Process

Make new employee on-boarding a fast, easy, and thorough process

Alpha Latitude Allows You to...

Hire Who You Want

Reduce costs and time by employing them through us.

Get The Employees You Need Now

You get the talent and productivity of new employees – we take on the hiring and employment responsibilities.

Completely Define Your Employee's Job Role

Set the length of engagement and pay scale – we handle all the details.

Capitalize On Your Business Opportunity

We assume the business risks and handle the on-boarding and administration.


Build Your Staff Without the Risk

Alpha Latitude provides streamlined payrolling services from start to finish.

  • The Latitude Administration Process Includes:

    • The Alpha Group, Inc. is the legal employer of record.
    • Your hidden payroll expenses disappear. We pay all mandatory payroll taxes, health insurance, workers’ compensation and eligible unemployment claims.
    • Risks associated with hiring full-time employees and/or independent contractors are mitigated.
    • Your company will improve workforce flexibility; talent can be secured the moment you need it.
    • Managers are able to evaluate personnel on the job before hiring.
    • Your company can recall experienced and knowledgeable retirees to work during high production times.
  • Latitude Services Take Care of All the Hiring Details:

    • FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax)
    • SUTA (State Unemployment Tax)
    • FICA (Social Security & Medicare)
    • Workers' Compensation Insurance
    • Liability Insurance
    • E-Verify
    • 50 State Criminal Background Checks
    • On-site Orientation and Application Processing
    • Substance Abuse Testing
    • Payroll & Accounting Costs
    • Issuing of Employee Paycheck
    • Payroll Tax Withholding
    • Direct Deposit
    • Processing and Issuing W-2 Forms
    • Health, Dental, Vision Insurance
    • Worker’s Compensation Claims Management
    • Unemployment Expenses and Management
  • Latitude Protects You From:

    Employment Issues Business Liabilities
    Unemployment Claims Legislative changes (i.e. Affordable Care Act)
    Workers' Compensation Injuries IRS - Employee Misclassifications
    Wrongful Termination Lawsuits Economic/Financial Uncertainty
  • The Latitude Verification Process Includes:


  • The Latitude On-Boarding Process Includes:

    • Processing of Employee’s Application, W-2, I-9, HIRD and Payroll Forms
    • Withholding of all Payroll Taxes; Processing and Issuance of W-2 Forms
    • General Liability & Employee Dishonesty Insurance
    • Unemployment Expenses & Claims Management
    • Workers’ Compensation Insurance & Claims Management
    • MA Privacy & Data Protection Law Compliance
    • Perform any Background Checks, Drug Testing & Confidentiality Releases Requested by a Client
    • On-site Payroll Department to Issue Employee’s Paycheck
    • On-site Human Resources Department to Ensure Legal Compliance
    • On-site Orientation at The Alpha Group or the Employer’s site
    • MA Health Insurance Compliance & Section 125 Administration

A Service with a Long History of Success

"Having worked with Alpha since 2011, I am very impressed with the unique business relationship that (our company) has built with The Alpha Group. Alpha's team is friendly; customer service oriented, and has superb attention to detail. They are an excellent choice (as a partner)."
- Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition, (public company with 1500+ employees)