The People You Need to Succeed.

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  • Staffing Costs Becoming Unpredictable?

    Form an Alliance with Alpha.
  • Need a Staffing Partner Who Understands Your Business?

    Form an Alliance with Alpha.
  • Wish You Ramp Up Staff 'On-Demand'?

    Form an Alliance with Alpha.
  • Risks of Adding Employments Costs Increasing?

    Form an Alliance with Alpha.

Imagine a Staffing Partner Who

Understands Staffing Your Unique Business

Expertise in your business and the types of employees you need.

Help Effectively Manage Hiring Costs

Eliminate the expense, hassles, and risk of hiring with a 'per hire' pricing model.

Has the People You Need, When You Need Them

Consistently develop a pool of candidates for placement right when you need help

Shares Hiring Risks

We take on most of the business risks so your company doesn't have to

Alpha Alliance Helps You Succeed...

Staffing Experts for Your Business

Define your short term & long term staffing goals and we'll help build your team.

Get The Employees You Need Now

We help with near term staffing challenges to fill the positions you need.

Define a hiring & onboarding process

Define a staffing process that fits your needs (Roles, rates, hiring, onboarding, reports etc )

Identify upcoming challenges & opportunities

We proactively help you with the staffing component of your business goals


Staffing Tailored to Your Business

The Alpha Alliance Service allows you to grow your capabilities and staff without business risk.

  • Hiring


    • Face-to-Face Candidate Interviews
    • Substance Abuse Testing
    • Automated Skills Assessments
    • Work History Verification
    • Proof of An Employee’s Ability to Work in the United States
    • Pre-Employment Screaning
    • Background Investigations
    • E-Verify
    • Payroll Processing & Taxes
    • General Liability & Employee
    • Dishonesty Insurance
    • Unemployment Expenses & Claims Management
    • Workers’ Compensation Insurance & Claims Management
    • Compliance with Local & National Legislation
  • Alliance is Tailored to Your Unique Staffing and Business Challenges:


  • Alliance Helps You Find and Place the Right People, Right Now:


  • Alliance Makes Staffing Easier:


Helping Businesses Grow in New England For Over 30 Years

Since 1980, the Alpha Group has provided the finest staffing and training solutions for companies in the North East looking to better manage the recruiting, hiring, and training of temporary and permanent employees. Let us provide you with the local, personalized services you deserve.